We as designers are designers of the future. As soon as we start to design the future starts to reveal itself. My aim is to design an art gallery with an exhibition about my own visions of the future, inspired by utopian and dystopian ideas from the past. The gallery will be located in a existing, partly destroyed building which is no longer in use. The building will be restored and given new life.


Art Gallery


Coventry, United Kingdom


April 2019

What is Utopia?

The word utopia comes from Greek, meaning “no place.” Since its original conception, utopia has come to mean an ideally perfect place, an impractical idealistic scheme that we can only dream about, a true paradise, an ideal world. Dystopia, which is the direct opposite of utopia, is a term used to describe a utopian society in which things have gone wrong.


The gallery will be located in a existing building in Coventry which is no longer in use.


Drapers hall was built in 1832 and is a grade 2 listed building by the cathedral ruins in Coventry. The basement of the building was used as an air raid shelter for 200 people during the Second World War. It was also used as a church centre.

Pictures I took during my visit at Drapars Hall.


Several interior walls were removed. Fire exit moved to the east side of the building. Upper floor in the big hall room was removed to create an open space with high ceiling.

West Section

Scale 1:50

Front Section

Scale 1:50

East Section

Scale 1:50


Raw concrete material, steel and LED neon lightning create very futuristic theme. It’s simple and doesn’t expose any futher theme of the exhibition.




The society is broken into classes; the super rich and the intelligent robots, genitically modified humans, the supresses and subdued lower class. Even robots are devided into classes. The government is strict, controls everyone, there’s no free will anymore for most of the population. Lower class people don’t have names anymore, instead they are referred to as numbers. People are cloned so the population loose individuality (as in “Brave New World” book). People are required for work that robots are not able to do. AI robots are taking over the world.


Urban dystopia is a dark and mechanical place. With rich living high up in the sky the lower levels and streets are devoid of nature and full of trash and waste material. Poverty is mispread. Because of polluted air there’s barely any daylight and people need to use artificial lightning. The world is overpopulated with high need for housing which results in logging and replacing nature with buildings.


Inspired by the Panama Biomuseo “Elements Room” shows the importance and beauty of nature. With a series of short documentaries, with 360’ screens visitors experience almost a real life show in front of their eyes, stimulating all of their senses. They feel a part of the nature as well as the exhibition. The aim of this room is to gain visitors attention towards taking care of our planet through understanding what we are destroying and what we might loose.


Inspired by the Lost City of Atlantis theme. The Atlantis room is surrounded by water, with transparent ceiling made of glass to make people feel like they are underwater, almost like ancient Atlantis citizens. The room shows possibility of using the nature on Earth and developing it into life on our planet without the need to space travel which means creating underwater civilisations.

Francis Bacon book “New atlantis”, published in 1627, it is a tech based Utopia that says science is the savour of the future. He even mentions Areoplanes and Submarines. Further in the 17th Century a farmer named Gerrard Winstanley attempted to create an ideal “utopian’ community. It’s followers were called ‘Diggers’ and it was based on communistic philosophies. “The earth ought to be a common treasury to all”.

A positive vision of the future. It shows people a world full of peace and nature, sustainable materials and clean environnment. Smell of plants and fresh air with a sound of waterwall and birds singing create a perfect place to relax and reflect about our future. It’s the final room of exhibition. In this room 1st floor was removed to create bigger and brighter space with a balcony space around Front wall was modified to allow bigger windows.


Cafe area with a view at Nature Utopia room. People can sit all around balcony while enjoying the relaxing vibe around them. Front wall was replaced with curved glass wall to create more futuristic design and bring more daylight into the interior space.


Gift shop is the last room of the gallery and to exit the building everyone has to go through it. Futuristic and simple design matches the theme of the building, With a use of concrete, grey stone, white and emmisive orange material interior space is bright and fresh.


Sectional model made with

Scale 1:100


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