What is time?
Today’s world is destroying our brains, destroying our creativity and ability to see our own universe. The "Lost in the Rush" exhibition encourage you to stop your now, reflect and create your own personal future


Exhibition Pavilion


Central Park, New York

The pavilion is designed for my own portable exhibition showing current NOW. The exhibition includes sculpture, static art and light installations. Pavillion can be visited by everybody.


It is located in the heart of New York’s Central Park. The park is being visited by about 110,000 visitors per day, which makes it a perfect spot for my exhibition.

Through playing with different shapes and lines I developed a pavilion based on triangle shape. The structure has three main rooms - each one reflecting different stage of the exhibition: the bright room, the dark room and the tarrace.

I based my design on contrast. Sharp edges and shapes are contrasting soft round elements. The bright terrace is contrasting dark exhibition rooms. Tall, thin windows on the main wall of the pavilion serve a purpose - they let throuh cetrain amounts of sunlight in certain shapes which brings exhibits to life. The bright space is surrounded by frosted glass walls which is creating blurry figures movement. The “reflection terrace” seems like floating or hanging in the sky. The aim of it was to isolate people from busy world. It’s a place where they can stop and have time for reflection. it is the final point of the exhibition.

Pavilion floor plan

Scale 1:50

West Elevation

Scale 1:50

East Elevation

Scale 1:50

Front Elevation

Scale 1:50

Photoshop visualisation.


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